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2017-02-13 10:39:38

Get Set for Cosmoprof/Cosmopack 2017

2017-02-13 10:39:38

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017, will run from March 17-20. Cosmopack, the B2B international “show within the show” at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, will be back in session from March 16-19, 2017. Cosmopack focuses on companies representing the entire beauty supply chain, from raw materials to formulation, from machinery to packaging. Cosmopack is known for presenting initiatives and updates for decision makers from leading global beauty companies: CEOs, managing directors, corporate owners, purchasing managers, product development, plant/operations, R&D managers and others. In Bologna, show organizers say that buyers and distributors from key markets will have the chance to find “the most innovative formulations, the most exclusive collections of international contract manufacturers, avant-garde packaging and the latest automation solutions.” The Perfume Factory To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Cosmopack will present The Perfume Factory, in partnership with Accademia del Profumo (Perfume Academy) and Cosmetica Italia – personal care association: a virtual journey for visitors in the supply chain of a fragrance, from olfactory to maceration, from cartoning to cellophane. A limited edition fragrance celebrating the golden anniversary will be produced with the collaboration of leading companies exhibiting at Cosmopack: ICR, Bormioli Luigi, Candiani, Aptar, Ima Group, Coven Egidio, Pusterla 1880. The Perfume Factory will celebrate the 2017 finalists of the Award of Accademia del Profumo. The Perfume Factory will be set up inside Cosmoprime, a special preview area of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017 hosting international companies with a strong focus on retail, especially on premium perfumery. Also part of Cosmoprime 2017 is Extraordinary Gallery, a special section devoted to niche indie, innovative brands from all over the world. Extraordinary Gallery features companies with high quality products and exclusive distribution in the most prestigious international retail channels, looking for new business opportunities in Europe as well as elsewhere. The products on display will be characterized by a careful selection of ingredients, often luxury materials, purchased locally according to principles of sustainability and international certifications. A new special area, BeOrganic, dedicated to companies producing organic beauty products, will have a spot in Cosmoprime. Cosmoprime will also host the International Buyer Lounge of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, with top buyers selected by the International Buyer Program. Exhibitors in Cosmoprof and Cosmopack will have the opportunity to take part in meetings with specific distributors and brands coming from key reference markets thanks to YOUMEET, the software created to facilitate Business-to-Business meetings. Cosmoprime will be held concurrently with Cosmopack from March 16-19. The Cosmopack Wall Award The Cosmopack Wall Award, celebrating its 4th edition, is where leading companies, both from Italy and from abroad, can present their most innovative projects and their latest technologies. “Let’s get emotional…” is the concept for the 2017 edition—emotions awakened by a special package, a new texture or a fragrance. The Cosmopack Forum The Cosmopack Forum will depict the latest trends and the scenario of the beauty industry. Conferences and roundtables will be moderated by international experts in each sector. Innovation, technologies, sustainability and new markets will be some of the issues that will be analyzed with an eye on the future of the industry. The 2016 Cosmopack edition registered 21,900 attendees with 48% of visitors coming from 109 countries. 

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